New Wellgo detachable pedals

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We’ve got some new and one updated model of the popular Wellgo detachable pedals. These are ideal for travelling with a bike, for example, when removing the pedals for packing a bike into a suitcase or folding it up into a car.

We’re still stocking the Shimano SPD cleat compatible model at (£85 / pr) :-

Updated is the two sided version with a Shimano SPD compatible cleat one side and aluminium cage the other (£75 / pr) :-

New are a toe clip and strap compatible, aluminium bodied pedal (£45 / pr) :-

And an aluminium bodied, Kraton rubber topped commuting pedal (£50 / pr) :-

For more details, look here and select ‘pedal’ from the category list.

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