For Great Fun Cycling Look at an Electric Bike!

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Add-on e-assists for bicycles are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They are reliable, offer excellent mileage between charges and, in giving a controlled boost as required, can be transformative in many riding situations.
We’ve been riding a number of different systems and whilst the electric bike landscape is changing fast, we have decided on two systems that work well with the Airnimal Joey.

1. The Pendix mid-drive system offers good torque and range between charges. It is made in Germany and is a well designed and manufactured system. We can fit it to the Joey as original equipment or as a retrofit for existing customers. It is most suitable for general leisure riding and commuting.

2. The locally developed and manufactured ARCC front wheel drive system. This is a very light, elegant system, featuring small, readily available batteries. Consequently, it is particularly suitable for transporting an electric bike on a plane.

This system has previoiusly only been available direct from ARCC as a retrofit, but we are now installing the system ourselves either as original equipment or as a retrofit. It’s very satisfying to be working with another local company that focusses on original, high quality, design.

Which of the two systems to choose depends on what one needs from an electric bike. We’d strongly recommend trying out both systems. Please contact us to arrange a test ride and to discuss your needs, and which bike is most suitable.

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