Our range of bikes have a number of unique features that distinguish them.

These are driven by our overarching philosophies of performance and usability, and realised by carefully re-thinking the fundamentals of bike design.

Freedom to explore anywhere

Our multi level folding system allows for easy transportation of our bikes, how and wherever you want to take them.


Designed and developed in Cambridge, UK by enthusiasts

Our designs are driven by our passion for cycling in all its forms. We believe in working at grass roots level, developing products that we ourselves use and understand. Add the backdrop of Cambridge with its vibrant cycling culture and bikes really are in our DNA.

The Fold


See our instructional videos showing how each of our bikes fold.

Why an Airnimal performs

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  • Wheel Size
    stability and pack size

    We use four different wheel sizes on our bikes, one 26″,two 24″ sizes and one 20″. These carefully chosen sizes provide a perfect balance of low rolling resistance and stability, while still being compact enough to produce the small fold sizes achievable with our bikes.

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  • Geometry
    handling and fit to match a ‘standard bike’

    Bike handling is determined by a number of factors, but the geometry is probably most influential. We design our bikes with a steering geometry that gives precise, confident handling at both low and high speed and provides the same feel as a performance oriented conventional counterpart.


    The contact points of any bike dictate how the rider will interact with the bike. We have carefully designed all our bikes so the contact points can be optimised for the rider, rather than to accommodate the idiosyncrasies of the folding mechanism. This means that, for the majority of riders, Airnimals can be tailored to provide optimal rider comfort and power output.

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  • Light and Stiff

    Folding bike manufacturers commonly concentrate on the fold with the riding performance of secondary importance. With Airnimal bikes, performance is primary and to that end a lightweight, stiff frame is essential. The use of lightweight 7005 aircraft grade Aluminium allows us to design our frames around a very large diameter monotube that provides exceptional stiffness, without any weight penalty. The result is an exceptionally responsive bike comparable in riding characteristics and performance with a conventional high end bike. 

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    through standardised components

    From the drive to steering and contact points, wherever possible, our bikes use standard mainstream components. This makes it easy to customise an Airnimal to specific requirements and gives more choice when either upgrading or replacing components at a later date.

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  • Fold along center line
    uncompromised stiffness

    To maintain lateral stiffness all our bikes are designed to fold along the center line. This provides vertical movement for comfort and the fold, without compromising lateral stiffness which can affect responsiveness and handling.

    On the Chameleon and Rhino the pivot is supported by large cartridge bearings, with either an elastomer or air sprung shock absorber providing the suspension. The Joey uses a long cantilevered seat post to provide damping with no active frame movement.

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Airnimal Folding Bikes are designed and developed in Cambridge, the cycling capital of the UK, and are ridden worldwide.

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