your Airnimal

A standard Airnimal is a rare and special bike, but we recognize that many of our customers require something even more personal, and, to that end, offer a full custom service.


Unique paint finish and graphics

Airnimal bicycles are rare and sought after, but a custom paint job makes them even more special. From a personal colour scheme to company branding we work with you to provide the bike of your dreams.



‘Made to measure’ custom fit

Airnimal designs performance bikes, but we know that to optimize bicycle performance and comfort, a custom fit is vital. We work with our customers to get that ‘made to measure’ feel.



Choose your components

Airnimal bicycles are designed to be versatile. With our standard models, we try and specify the components to suit their anticipated use, but we appreciate that the enthusiastic cyclist might need something special. For our custom Airnimals we work with our customers to ensure perfection of function.

A Personal Touch


We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and will always go the extra mile!

The gallery below shows a few examples of custom bikes we have done for customers:

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Airnimal Folding Bikes are designed and developed in Cambridge, the cycling capital of the UK, and are ridden worldwide.

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